I'm so happy to share


Poems and Musings on Life

with you.

I wrote SPRINKLES in the first few months of quarantine 2020. My spirit needed a creative release and poems poured out.

I reflected on everything—love, art, life, experiences, feelings and ideas that connect us all. The process of writing this work comforted me at a time when life felt uncomfortable. Uncertainty, social disruption, and day to day tragedy marked the year—beauty too.

Like many of you, I had to cancel travel plans to visit family, missed going out and seeing friends. Businesses and places I had frequented were closed. I was consuming too much news, feeling isolated, anxious and overwhelmed.

On the brighter side, there was baking and online dance classes and discovering new ways to stay in touch. There was time to sit and think, to slow down and be present. Being in the moment without a schedule or a plan felt freeing, at first. Knowing everyone had to make adjustments and adapt to this unprecedented period reinforced our common bond. 

I let my thoughts dance around and my first collection of poetry emerged. I love this book—a happy surprise—a safe place to escape and recharge.

<3 Tamara