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Poems and Musings on Life

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Tamara Branch’s SPRINKLES: Poems and Musings on Life, touches on soul-stirring themes of oneness, love, change, loss, self awareness, beauty, art and so much more. In this inspiring collection, Tamara shares personal reflections and observes our aliveness with candor, generosity, and a sense of play.

About Tamara

Tamara Branch is a writer, and multidisciplinary artist, from New York, born and raised in the Bronx.

She’s the author of the award winning book, ITGIRL4LIFE: How to bring out your special something and so much more, a self esteem resource for girls all over the world.

Her latest work, SPRINKLES: Poems and Musings on Life, is a creative exploration birthed in the first few months of quarantine 2020. 

It Girl 4 Life

Tamara Branch is empowering girls with 40 bite-sized chapters on how to build unshakable self-confidence, honor your life, and shine bright in the world. Packed with sage advice, life-changing insights, and affirmations to help you soar. Get ready to fall in love with your own wisdom, beauty, and strength.