Thinking too much…

I must admit, I think too much — well I used to. I used to pontificate about it all, ad nauseam. It no longer sits well with me to deliberate over how to birth an idea. It no longer feels secure to plan the big vision of my life and have it swirl around my brain in endless circles. It’s not workin for me anymore and it never really did.  Can anyone relate? You could be living the life of your dreams, in your dreams and not in reality, if you’re not careful. Crazy right? Fear shows its face in countless ways and it’s up to you to not let it hold you back. The important thing is to recognize it in all of its many disguises; hesitation, procrastination, exhaustion, perfectionism, THINKING TOO MUCH and a million other ways. Fear is not going anywhere, so use it as the fuel to get out there and act up!


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