the beauty of a simple apology

I had an 11:30 appointment with my chiropractor today. I was running late, moving slow and stuck in a traffic nightmare. I called the office to let them know and told them that I’d be there by 12:15. I got there at 12:40!!! I hate being late…and this was late, late. The office closes for lunch at 1 o’clock and I tried my best, but without turbo thrust in the car, I was stuck. They told me 12:15 would be the latest they could see me. I took my chances because I really needed an adjustment. Everybody understands things happen, but still. The doc was swamped and pressed for time and I’m an hour and 10 minutes late from my original appointment. Ugh!

I was mentally prepared to turn around if they couldn’t see me. I was praying they would be able to, though. Anyway, when I got there, I apologized to the receptionist and she quickly ushered me into one of the rooms. I was in there about 3 minutes and the doc came in and started working on me, after a quick hello. He continued in silence, (we usually talk a bit), when I realized, I forgot to apologize to HIM. “I apologize for being horribly late Dr. D. Thanks for squeezing me in” I said. He said, “no worries, we just have to make sure we get to all of your issues, so forgive me for not being too talkative. I want to make sure you leave here feeling better but (he paused), thank you for your apology.” After I apologized his energy was more sensitive. He’s not the kind of person that would ever compromise his work, but after that, the room was lighter.

Even when someone responds with a “no worries or that’s OK,” they still appreciate the words because it’s about acknowledgement and respect. That apology let him know that I recognize my responsibility, that I don’t take him for granted, and that I appreciate that he is giving me my full session. Two simple words made him feel better, made me feel better and the pink elephant walked right out of the room AND my back, neck and shoulder — all good! It’s the simple things…


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