Take a minute

Have you made time for yourself, lately? Too busy? Well, you know how the Universe works. If you don’t slow down, something will happen to you to slow you down and usually it sucks! We’ve ALL been there. Am I right? Rippin and running catches up with you at some point. So, whatever time you have, and I mean it could be a minute or two, ten minutes, an hour or more in your day — especially when you feel overloaded, create space to recharge. Seriously, you need the boost. Meditate. Move away from the phone, the computer, the devices. Stop talking. Stop RECEIVING the outside stimulus. Take a deep breath. Stretch. Read an inspiring passage from a good book. Take a power nap or walk around the block. Do not let the busyness of life seduce you into leaving yourSELF behind. I’m taking my 20 minutes right now:-) Make sure you get yours in.

“Divine awesome body of mine, I thank you for holding me up and functioning so well, doing your best for me every step of the way. I will do my best to honor and cherish you always.” Tam


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