Make a splash!

I am a creative person. One of the many things I love to do is paint. I never know exactly what I’m going for. Usually I select colors I want and then I just start splashing all over the place. Very liberating, I must say. I was thinking about my former college roommate today and how singing was her passion but she hardly sings anymore. My brother is a percussionist and loves it but does not play anymore, even though he says it’s one of the things he enjoys most. I get it. Sometimes life gets in the way of LIFE. Creativity is a natural part of who we are and it adds extra richness to our lives. Doesn’t everybody want some extra richness? Do what makes you happy. When you tap into all the expressive sides of yourself, YOU are the one who benefits. Ok then. Make a splash! Get those creative juices flowing. If you don’t there’s a part of you that’s always missing out on the fun.

This was the first painting I ever did. I am so thankful for the day this came to be. It was an awesome discovery process. It’s still one of my favorites:-)

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