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I am so thankful for the recognition my first book, ITGIRL4LIFE has received. To date ITGIRL4LIFE has won: Mom’s Choice Gold Award for Young Adult (YA) Inspirational/Motivational book Beverly Hills International Book Award for YA Non-fiction Reader Views Literary Award for Best Teen/YA Book of the Year, 2015 Reader’s Favorite Book Award (GOLD) for Young […]

5 Book Marketing Ideas for the Self-Help Genre

In June 2014, my first book, ITGIRL4LIFE, was published. I had the paralyzing realization in that moment, that nobody is the Universe knows about this book. Seriously, no one on the planet knows this book exists, I thought. I had read articles and blogs that said you should be marketing your book 6 months before […]

Finish That Book: 5 Mindset Tips for Writers

Your want to write. You can feel it in your heart. Your spirit is begging you to express yourself. You are bursting at the seams, with the desire to finish this THING you’ve been working on. I know how you feel. I’ve started so many writing projects. For years I would get really excited about […]

the beauty of a simple apology

I had an 11:30 appointment with my chiropractor today. I was running late, moving slow and stuck in a traffic nightmare. I called the office to let them know and told them that I’d be there by 12:15. I got there at 12:40!!! I hate being late…and this was late, late. The office closes for […]


I live by principle and I share what I have come to understand and know in my life. I love inspiration anyway it comes. I believe we all learn from working on ourselves and sharing with each other. My life’s goal is to do my best and always be willing to change and grow, always […]

25 Random Things About Me

I won a contest in the 3rd grade for best drawing of Tony the Tiger. I was 5’1″ by the age of 9 and 5’7″ by the age of 10-I’ve only grown 3″ since! I took the entrance test for Our Lady of Grace junior high and based on my test results the Principal wanted […]