Woke today thinking about the freedom of being open. There is such an energy behind that phrase, ‘to be open.’ It would look like you, standing tall, arms stretched out wide, fingers extending, head and palms up, taking in a deep breath of life, followed by an Ahhhhhhhhh. That’s how it feels to me anyway-very freeing. Then there’s clinging-needing it to be THIS way or no way-limited, constrained, one way in and one way out. Clinging to me would look like tight fists, white knuckles, clawing, scraping, tension in the body, holding on for dear life, collapsing the body and NOT breathing. Being open feels much better:-) Your openness allows you to expand your awareness of what’s possible, and energetically you create more space within yourself to receive all the good that’s out there for you.

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