2014, I love you, already!

Happy New Year peeps! I used to be a resolutions kind of person. Not anymore! Year after year of not sticking with everything on the overwhelming to do list, taught me that filling my brain with the bazillion things I want to achieve or change in the next 12 months was useless. I’m happy to say I’m a ‘continue on the journey’ type of person. My life is NOW. I am constantly growing, learning and becoming more of who I really am, year in and year out. That never stops, that goes on as life goes on and that works so much better for me. Life continues. Things are added and subtracted, there are breakthroughs, heartbreaks, twists and turns, lessons are learned, mistakes are made, healing takes place, goals are set and achieved, plans move forward, celebrations happen, relationships blossom and change, people leave and come into this world and that’s the adventure of life, isn’t it? The great thing I realize is that regardless of where I am in my life, there are unlimited possibilities waiting for me to expand into at ALL times.  As much as I’ve experienced, there’s more for me to experience. As happy and thankful as I am, there are higher levels of happiness to reach and more to be thankful for. As much as I’ve loved (and I’ve loved a lot), there’s more love for me to express. As free as I feel, there’s more freedom for me uncover. As much as I’ve given, there are deeper levels of my own generosity to tap into. This year and always, I remember my hearts intentions for my life and I encourage you to remember yours.

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